When I think of Michigan, I think of the failed auto industry, unemployment, and what has gone wrong with capitalism for the past 50 years.

This is really a shame, because I had completely forgotten the two summers I spent as a counselor at Interlochen Summer Music Camp, two of the most awesome summers of my life. I’ve blogged about this before, back in 2004.

I recall how beautiful this place is: the lakes, the sunsets, the sand dunes. Wow! How sad that I quickly let go of the good memories because of the current economic malaise.

So how did I have my memory jolted to recall the beauty of Michigan? I came across Richard Thompson‘s photo stream on Michigan Lighthouses. He’s a brilliant photographer kind enough to share the location and settings information of his photographs. You absolutely want to check out his photos. Click the thumbnails above to go to his flickr stream. The words “gorgeous” and “stunning” do an injustice.