Apple Raising My Blood Pressure Again

Maybe I’ve just been in a bad mood lately, I don’t know… BUT! When it takes me more time to get the damned AppleTV up and running so I can watch it while I work out than the amount of time I spend working out, something is wrong. And AppleTV technical support has the nerve to tell me that they… Continue reading

Bankrupt Souls

Amazon’s mp3 store has another one of those deals today where you can get hours and hours of classical musics for pennies a song: 99 Bach masterpieces (8+ hours!) for $2.99. Even though Bach’s works preceded copyright protection, this is a good example of how our culture benefits from sensible copyright term limits: eight hours of some of the finest… Continue reading

Have I Ever Mentioned I Can't Stand AT&T??

As iPhone users outside the United States begin to enjoy tethering and multimedia messaging services (MMS), AT&T’s exclusive hold on the iPhone angers existing customers and may be irritating Cupertino as well. The cellular provider is slow to provide tethering and MMS, and it’ll likely charge a hefty sum once it gets around to adding them. Add long service contracts,… Continue reading


This title has the ring of truth: Beleaguered Microsoft in decline; Windows-maker the digital equivalent of General Motors. Why does corporate America find innovation so difficult?! Oh, that’s right, we need to cut art, music, theater, dance out of the public school curriculum and test basic fact memorization. I need to curse!… Continue reading


When I think of Michigan, I think of the failed auto industry, unemployment, and what has gone wrong with capitalism for the past 50 years. This is really a shame, because I had completely forgotten the two summers I spent as a counselor at Interlochen Summer Music Camp, two of the most awesome summers of my life. I’ve blogged about… Continue reading