The Veggie Grill

I absolutely love eating at the Veggie Grill. I’ve mentioned this before. I didn’t realize, until today, that the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich really isn’t made of chicken at all. And it’s delicious! I would never have known, having eaten it three times before, if I hadn’t read a review of the sandwich. Aside from the fact that it is… Continue reading

Shocked by a Toothbrush!

I recently needed to replace my toothbrush. I only have a few criteria in this order of importance: Medium bristles Some plastic or rubberized bristles Comfortable, over-sized grip Colorful and cheery I was having a most difficult time locating brushes with medium bristles. Almost all of them were soft. The soft bristles don’t work well for me and certainly don’t… Continue reading

Terrorism Alert

I saw two bumper stickers over the past two days in New Orleans that I found interesting. Well, one of them was disturbing. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that the governor of the state of Texas should be considered a terrorist. He is the one who is publicly fanning this terrorist threat to the sovereignty… Continue reading

I've Got You… Under My Skin…

Fascinating!   This development from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Science Institute in Germany has made the creation of human skin much cheaper: The basic skin production system, which Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft hopes to start selling next year, can produce 5,000 little swatches of human skin a month, for a total of over 600 square inches of mass-produced tissue. Each 0.12-square-inch section of skin would cost… Continue reading

The World Is Something Less Today

without Walter Cronkite (92). Unlike the opinion peddling oafs that we have in the tabloid television news machinery of today, Walter had a sense of deep integrity to his craft, to an inclusive audience, and to the facts. As news anchor from 1962 – 1981, he was respected for that integrity and sense of fairness. The American people rewarded his… Continue reading