Not Impressed at All!

  • You pre-order an iPhone on the Apple website but then have to wait in line with the hundreds of others who just walk up to buy a phone. Why bother pre-order the phone then?!
  • You download and install the new OS 3 on your 3G only to learn that any number of the new features in the OS don’t work on the 3G, only the 3GS. Why didn’t Apple indicate the features that only work on the 3GS before a user downloads and installs it?
  • Have you figured out how to turn on “Find My iPhone?” Good luck. It’s like going on a safari into the bowels of the phone. And then, just where is it on your MobileMe account? Just exactly where you thought you would find it… Yeah, right!
  • The Apple faithful are letting the company get away with acting as if the new 3 megapixel camera is excellent? The first digital camera I bought in 2002 was 4 megapixels! Give us a really good camera, guys! (The focus features do rock.)
  • You’re an existing iPhone customer? You just thought you were going to upgrade for $99 or $199 or $299 or $399 or even $499. Get ready to hand over your first born. AT&T is going to rob you blind.

In a post earlier this month I mentioned how I hate AT&T. Today, in the airport on the way home, I heard a woman talking about how badly she wanted an iPhone, but she absolutely refused to have AT&T service. Good for her! The man sitting next to her said, “Yeah, AT&T are absolutely criminals. And I know. I work for them.” He went on to elaborate.

After listening to him, I really hate AT&T even more!