The Huge Unveiling…

Drum roll please!

Well, with lots of tweaks and a few fixes here and there still to be done, the project is far enough along to warrant the big announcement.

After hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, the entirely reworked photo gallery at is ready to go live and is officially being called: Photography by Tim Tyson.

The new photo section has been significantly updated. Well, actually, it has been completely redone from the ground up. So what’s the big deal? Below are just some of the changes.

  • now features over 10,000 of my images in nearly 200 albums contained in 20 galleries.
  • completely new navigation system that introduces videos, including an awesomely slick video tutorial on using the navigation system.
  • includes pan and zoom (Ken Burns) in numerous albums
  • images cross dissolve from one to the other
  • new online photo management system (slideshowpro–totally rocks my world) now effectively links into my desktop photo management software, Lightroom 2, making uploading new content vastly, vastly. vastly easier
  • huge images are now stored on the server
  • full screen mode is now available
  • when you select full screen mode, the software on my server actually checks the size of your monitor and then produces images for you to see (from the full size images on the server) that are the exact size of your monitor
  • as a result of the above process, you get tailor-made images without any upscaling, and they are simply gorgeous
  • many other features too numerous and complicated to go into

One word of caution. Since the server waits until someone looks at an album to create the images for that album in real time, if you click on an album no one has seen yet, you may experience a slow response getting the images (especially if you go into full screen mode and have a huge monitor) as the server will be very busy creating, for the first time, all of the pictures for that album. This is the one down side of setting up my photo management system this way. However, once the images are built by the server for your monitor size, everyone else who visits with the same size monitor will not have the delay. (You get the same benefit when visiting an album someone else has already visited.) In time, once all of the thumbnails and images have been sized for all the different monitor sizes, this issue will no longer exist.

Dial up just simply isn’t an option here. Your connection speed really matters now. If you have a large monitor and go into full screen mode, forget using dial up. You will wait forever to get a single image. General network traffic can also have an impact on how quickly the images appear on your screen.

To visit the new photo collection, click the picture of it below or click on the Photos link in the top navigation system.