And Another Thing, While I'm Blowing Off Steam

I’m sick to death of hearing who is having sex with whom. Whether it was Bill Clinton or the Republican Governor of South Carolina cheating on his wife. Get over it puritanical, hypocritical America! It’s none of anyone’s business but the people involved! The only thing I find disgusting amusing about all of it is the extent to which we… Continue reading

Not Impressed at All!

You pre-order an iPhone on the Apple website but then have to wait in line with the hundreds of others who just walk up to buy a phone. Why bother pre-order the phone then?! You download and install the new OS 3 on your 3G only to learn that any number of the new features in the OS don’t work… Continue reading

Pizza Saw

For just $14.95, who could resist? Real Men don’t use wimpy pizza wheels! The Pizza Boss 3000 is a super rugged circular saw, er … pizza slicer made from tough engineering-grade plastics and laser-etched stainless steel blade that will blast through pepperoni, extra cheese, and even those pesky anchovies. Give your favorite man this Pizza Boss 3000 as a “guy… Continue reading

Oh My! Nail It!

This begs an even broader question: not just the changing definition of the worship service, but a completely redefined definition of “the service of worship.” With the growing affluence and political influence of the evangelical movement during the “It’s all about me” mindset of the Reagan to George W. Bush presidencies came more emphasis on what this movement wanted to… Continue reading