Have I Mentioned Change Recently?

Tim-TVSo you hopped onto my website just now and… Wait, what’s that? I mean, am I hearing things? What’s going on? This is strange.

Well, what if everyone on the planet could have their own television station and broadcast to everyone else on the planet. And, what if it were free?

Well, that’s what I’ve done. Welcome to Tyson-TV! Broadcasting 24/7, you can now watch and listen to some of my selected internet videos. You can watch my Tyson-TV stream in the footer of my blog because it was the largest area of screen real estate I could keep constantly on the screen for your viewing pleasure.

The “channel line up” will change from time to time as I think to add new content. Maybe every once and a while I will actually broadcast myself as well–perhaps you will catch me live from whatever city I happen to be in at the time.

And you notice the “ticker” scrolling across the TV screen? It’s the last 20 posts in my RSS feed. If you see one that strikes your fancy, just click on the title and poof… that post window will open! Cool.

And you can click on “Full Screen” to have my TV channel fill your monitor screen. Click on “Embed” if you wish to embed my TV channel in your own blog or web page.

Clicking on the “Menu” button gives you several options. The “On-Demand” menu allows you to select specific videos to play from the playlist I’ve put together. So you can replay your favorites.

And the power button in the bottom left will allow you to turn off my TV channel.

There’s so much that could be said about this technology. I can invite co-producers, like you, to broadcast with me, even live, even with your cell phone, any where in the world. So check it out at Mogulus.

Network television is rapidly going to become so last century. News reporting is about to really change. Life will never be the same. The medium is the message, and you are the medium and can control the message as well.