Five 360º Panos from Maine

Click on each image below to see the 360º panorama linked to that image and shot on location in Maine.

The first pano was one of my more difficult challenges as I shot the pano from a floating dock, meaning I was bobbing up and down. Precision is everything in the pano shoot. The last thing you want is for the camera to move–at all! And then there was this little issue of trying to stay out of the picture without falling off of the narrow dock and into the water. Miraculously, I stayed dry.

I had issues with the Cadillac Mountain pano as well. The wind was blowing so fiercely, and was it ever cold! I had to hold on to the tripod to keep it from blowing over. I then realized that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep the tripod from shaking in the wind! Again, that whole precision issue!

Remember, once the pano window opens, you can click and drag anywhere you want to see in the 360º field of view. Enjoy!

Lake Alamoosook Dock Pano Play Button

Click Above: Lake Alamoosook and Lakeside Inn

Lake Alamoosook Pano Play Button

Click Above: Lake Alamoosook and Lakeside Inn

Schoodic Point 01 Pano Play Button
Schoodic Point 2 Pano Play Button

Click Above: The very point of Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park

Cadillac Mountain Pano Play Button

Click Above: Atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park