iPhone + Fitnio = Huge Coolness

Everyone knows how much I love my iPhone. It’s an indespensible appendage to me. And the iPhone just keeps getting cooler with an increasing number of awesome apps becoming available at the iTunes Store.

One such cool app is Fitnio. It’s simple and powerful. Using the GPS to track you, the device computes how fast and how far you run (in my case, walk) and cycle. Based on your height and weight, it computes your BMI and calories burned. Way cool.

I love to walk and cycle along The Strand as often as I get the chance. Now, I know how far I’ve walked (avg: 2 miles) and cycled (avg: 9 miles). I walk at a very leisurely pace (avg: 2.4 mph) while soaking in the peacefull yet powerful energy of the ocean. When I bike, also at a leisurely pace, I average 9.5 mph when I have to walk the bike through a congested pedestrian area and 10.4 mph when I get to just ride uninterrupted.

Fitnio is just fun!