Within Blocks of the House

Where will it all go? This is astounding. Google Street View is within 5 blocks of where I live! In other words, you can walk down the street, looking all around, within 5 blocks of home! I am actually disappointed you can’t walk by the house! But, all in good time I’m sure.

Not too many blocks from the house is The Kettle, where I enjoy their banana nut pancakes for breakfast. You can check it out at this link or in the first interactive frame below. If you rotate the frame to the west, you can see down Manhattan Beach Boulevard toward the Pacific Ocean. The Google camera car drove down to the ocean before it turned north. You can get a good view of the Manhattan Beach pier, in the bottom frame, just before the camera car turned.

Go ahead. Click on each of the images below, and take a drive! Use the ring around the circle to rotate the map in the direction you want to go. You can click and drag the map in the direction you want to see, even up and down. Then click on one of the arrows that appears on the line (the line only appears over the image when your mouse is over the picture) in the direction you want to travel to start driving! Each click on an arrow on the line moves you further down the street in that direction. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the magnification tools under the large ring in the top left or by double clicking an area of the image without an overlay.

If you click on the “View Larger Map” link, you get a new window with a larger interactive street view picture at the top and Google Earth Maps at the bottom showing you where you are standing on the map at the bottom of the new window. Don’t forget to enable Satellite view to get a bird’s eye view of what you are seeing in the street view above it. You can also interact with the Google Earth Map by dragging yourself to a new location, which updates the street view above. As you drag yourself, the streets down which the camera car traveled are outlined in blue. You can only go down those streets. Conversely, as you travel around in the street view frame in the top part of that window, you can see yourself moving down the street on the map in the bottom part of that window. Amazing!

View Larger Map

And, finally, below is a view of The Strand, a nice sidewalk along the Pacific, down which I try to walk as often as possible (to the right in the interactive street view below). The bike path, down which I try to ride as much as possible, is on the left side. (You can see a couple of bicyclists riding on it in the larger view.) The ocean is to the far left, in the distance, as we are more or less facing north. If you rotate the image to the west, you will be standing in the middle of the street facing the ocean, right at the entrance of the Manhattan Beach Pier.

View Larger Map

Click on “View Larger Map” and go for a ride! Totally Coogle!

For a short, easy-to-follow (no pun intended) video demonstration by Google of how this all works, watch the YouTube video below.