George Washington by shyb at flickr (CC)

Oh, That Cocaine Issue Again

George Washington by shyb at flickr (CC)
Photo Credit: shyb @ flickr (CC)

A year ago or so the media was all abuzz with the fact that some amazingly high percentage of our paper money has trace amounts of cocaine on it. Yes, that little fact made me feel really confident in drug enforcement efforts.

Now I read this:

In today’s edition of the journal Science, R. Graham Cooks, a professor of chemistry at Purdue University, describes a mass spectrometry technique to test fingerprints to learn what the person has been touching, including drugs, explosives, and poisons.

[Source: Fingerprint test reveals if owner has touched drugs, explosives, and poisons – Boing Boing ]

Well now, isn’t that just a fine howdy-do! So how long before some innocent sap is sent to prison because his finger print indicates he touched a $1 bill to pay for, well… Is there anything you can still buy for a buck, even if George is snorting?!