GPS Coordinates Map from Trip

Guess Where I’ve Been…

More, much more to come in the days to follow. I shot nearly 2,500 pictures of the Pacific Coast: Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica, Cambria, Big Sur, Point Lobos, and San Fransisco to name a few. I shot over a dozen panoramas–a big first. Below is a mapped overview of the vacation travel starting in southern California, Los Angeles, and working my way north, San Francisco. The dots represent locations where large groups of pictures were shot.

I synced my GPS and camera and then merged the tracking data into the EXIF picture file data: Tah-dah: Instant locational photo journal!! Each picture actually knows where it was taken on Planet Earth and will be just a click away on Google Earth! I know, only a geek gets excited about such things! And I just love it!

GPS Coordinates Map from Trip
Clicking on the NASA map above opens a larger version.


While shooting this pano, below, of the sunrise on the Manhattan Beach Peer, an older gentleman with a kind smile walked up to the homeless man on the peer, all bundled up, sitting in his wheelchair, and offered him $2.00. The homeless man turned him down scoffing, “What can you buy with just $2.00?” Well, maybe a cup of hot coffee from the shop just a block away would have been a nice addition to this cold blustery morning!

Manhattan Beach Pier Sunrise Pano Play Button

This pano was shot at the end of the pier.

Manhattan Beach Pier End Play Button