No Wake … No Problem

The tragedy of the failing water supply really hit home today when I visited part of Lake Allatoona, one of the two lakes that supplies Atlanta with drinking water.


One area of the lake is completely dry. In chatting with a man who is the host for a campground that has been closed for 3 years, he said this particular area “went completely dry two weeks ago.” His job at the campground is to prevent vandalism, and four wheelers and trucks from getting stuck in the muddy bottom of the lake. In the picture above (click on it for a larger version), you can see where a truck tried to make it across the dry lake bed.

NowakeDry-Lake-2059In this first picture on the left, “No Wake,” is No Problem as there is No Water. The full picture on the right gives you some sense of how high the water should be in the lake. Yes, the zoomed in sign on the left is from near the top of the bridge support structure in the picture on the right (click to enlarge). Instead of water that would be at least 10 feet deep in normal conditions, you can see a tiny litle stream of water that isn’t even an inch deep, a stream that dries up before it ever gets into the main lake. Additionally, from the pano at the bottom of this post, I would have been standing in water well over my head, probably between 10 and 15 feet deep. Of course, there is no water at all. In the distance of the lake bed (pictured below on the left) you can see the signs of new life–green plants are growing in what was once the lake’s bottom. In the next picture (below on the right) you can see what once was a floating buoy warning boaters in the lake to slow down to prevent dangerous wake near the bridge. The water level here would also have been well over my head.


When I was a child growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, I always thought it would be totally cool to see the bottom of the Gulf without any water. This is surreal. It isn’t cool. It speaks of the tragic. Click on the picture below to see a pano of the empty lake.

Lake Alatoona Dry Pano Play Button