The Mystery Revealed

No, the picture posted on July 27th is not a picture of a wet surface. In fact, in the picture is no water on any surface at all. The surface is completely dry. But yes, the surface reflects the light coming in from the balcony doors. Below are two pictures that reveal the contemporary glass dining room table located in,… Continue reading

The Bionic Mac

Today I became a bionic man. I am now tethered to an insulin pump. The doctor’s office asked that I not take my morning insulin. So my blood glucose was high this morning. After a couple of hours on the pump I was in the normal range, where I have remained all day. At dinner tonight I had a blood… Continue reading

Al's Latest Endeavor

This joke is making the rounds again. The secretary of defense notified the president this morning that three Brazilian troops had pulled out of the coalition forces in Iraq. President Bush gasped and, with terror in his eyes, asked Karl Rove under his breath, “I forget, Karl…just how many is a Brazilian?” I’m reading Al Gore’s latest book, The Assault… Continue reading

Fall Is in the Air

I’ve been in Boston all last week. It was generally rainy and overcast. Upon returning to the sunny south… Shockingly, yesterday I noticed that the angle of the sun was definitely different, casting longer shadows that portend of Fall, a favorite time of year! I love it! And today the weather was so unseasonably cool as to be fantastic! In… Continue reading

Giant Rubber Ducky By Florentijn Hofman

Florentijn Hofman seems to be so infatuated with rubber ducks that he made this giant rubber ducky for “Loire Estuary 2007,” which is an outdoor contemporary art exhibition taking place in France. The exhibition features the works of 30 artists from around the world. If only Ernie from Sesame Street could see this, I’m sure he will be heads over… Continue reading