Tragically, Not In Manufacture

I posted earlier this month about the Lima, a cute little handheld device to measure blood glucose levels with an infrared beam. I decided to investigate this further, to see if I could go to Europe and purchase one. Sadly, this appears to only have been a mockup of a fictitious product by a product designer. Does the technology to… Continue reading


OK, so here I sit, 13 hours and 15 minutes after I attempted to activate my new iPhone. My old cell phone no longer works. AT&T took it off line. My new iPhone still has not been activated. I decided to call AT&T to listen to their unacceptable and lame excuses as to why they did not do this job… Continue reading

An iPhone Mania Update

Well, when the store opened again, at 6:00PM, the line moved quickly, and I was able to purchase my 8 gig phone within 15 minutes, unlike some of my friends in other states. The AT&T store in Orlando, for example, ran out of the 8 gig phones just before my friend, Mark, was to purchase his. His line of about… Continue reading