Lenox Mall Skylight

iPhone Mania Update

IMG_0018.JPGOK, I haven’t even been in line for an hour yet, and I have on site “news” to report.

  • The guy next to me is an architect.
  • The extra mall security are very pleasant.
  • The trash can on the other side of me has been successfully emptied. (Thank you security guards. They suggested it.)
  • Because of where I am located, I’ve been asked 12 times if I am the end of the line. Wishful thinking!
  • I held the architect’s space in line while he went out to his car to get his chair.
  • My chair is becoming uncomfortable but more comfortable than standing.
  • A guy sold his place in line (3rd) for $100 to a lady near me.
  • A man has just said to me, while holding out his business card, “I engrave iPhones, would you like a card?” Security spun up to him on their little two-wheeled wonder and put a stop to that.
  • A lady just strolled by talking to her friend, saying as she surveyed our silliness, “What’s wrong with these people?!”

Safariscreensnapz002-1But most importantly–and sadly, I’m as hot as hell! As you can from the picture above in this post, I am seated under the large windowed roof area. My computer menu bar suggests that is is 85º outside. This simply can not be. It’s every bit of 90º here, but them I am seated in the sun. The forecast is for a high of 91º with thunderstorms. I want them now!!

I’m hungry. Time for some cookies. Yes, I came prepared! And not just any cookies, either, Walkers‘ Pure Butter Shortbread!