iPhone Mania Update

OK, I haven’t even been in line for an hour yet, and I have on site “news” to report. The guy next to me is an architect. The extra mall security are very pleasant. The trash can on the other side of me has been successfully emptied. (Thank you security guards. They suggested it.) Because of where I am located,… Continue reading

Video Compression; I know, Yawn…

I was delighted to learn today that YouTube is now compressing their video content in H.264. In the past, the Flash compression they have used has such a low data rate (high compression) that it looked horrible. Apparently, since Apple, Inc., now has collaborated with Google, owner of YouTube, to include YouTube content on the AppleTV, Google is going through… Continue reading

This Should Heat Things Up a Bit!

Historically, science inevitably renders narrow-mindedness irrelevant. I think this is the beginning of that process on this very complex issue. As those who know me well already know, I love a good controversy as long as it is respectful. Controversy often produces deeper understandings. NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists say they’ve created embryonic stem cells by stimulating unfertilized eggs, a… Continue reading

Do They Make Your Lips Change Colors?

If I had these when I was a child, I might have become a diabetic sooner! I loved Froot Loops cereal as a chid! “Cory Doctorow: Kellogg‘s Cereal Straws are straws lined with powdered sugar-cereal dust that kids can drink milk through. It makes the milk taste like the sludge left at the bottom of a cereal bowl. We feed… Continue reading

An Elixir from the Gods!

I purchased this drink last weekend at Whole Foods. I just drank it. This is magnificent–100% all natural fruit. It was so good I immediately read the container, something I rarely do. Bolthouse is a 4th generation farm (since 1914) in California with a website. I visited it. It is very well done, gorgeous in fact complete with unobtrusive and… Continue reading

I’ve Lost My Mind

I have never before participated in “group mania” until now, today, yes…this very moment. You see, I am infected with iPhone Mania. I am now sitting here in Lenox Mall, blogging live, waiting in the growing line of about 110 people for the iPhone, which doesn’t go on sale until 6:00PM. Fortunately, I am just across the hall from the… Continue reading