The Silver Grill Sign

Update on the Closing of The Silver Grill

I have posted several times on my blog over the years about The Silver Grill restaurant:

After breakfast and shopping at Home Depot and grocery shopping at Whole Foods (both on Ponce de Leon Avenue near American Roadhouse, where I had breakfast), I drove by the closed space today that was once The Silver Grill. I saw a “For Lease” sign in front of the retail space.

Img 6431-TmThis intrigued me because Kevin, the owner of the former restaurant, stated that he lost the lease on the property which was going to be redeveloped into some swank high rise condo space. I shared my puzzlement with a friend who told me that he knew a friend who told him that she knew one of the former Silver Grill waitresses who told her that Kevin had told her that he was sick of the restaurant business and decided to quit. Rather than telling everyone the truth, which would undoubtedly have cause what we call in the south a ruckus, he decided to make up the “lost my lease” story.

He sold his story well. But I would have completely understood if he had told everyone the truth. Be it recorded that I have not yet worn my Silver Grill t-shirt. Perhaps today, when I work out on Octane! Yes, today indeed it is!