Closely Following Santa…

I have been closely tracking Santa since he left the North Pole (Shanghai, China) on June 15th at 8:58AM. The next place he showed up on my radar was in Anchorage, Alaska at 2:13PM on the “same day.” Next he was spotted in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 12:25AM on June 16th. This morning, at 5:58AM, he was located in Hapeville, GA.… Continue reading

Blast From The Past

I stumbled upon this photograph on the internet. Boy did it bring back unexpected memories from my childhood. I saw this cardboard contraption advertised in the Boy’s Life magazine. My father ordered it for me: instant submariner in a box–sort of literally! As a child I was fascinated by submarines. Do you remember Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?… Continue reading

Join My Group @

What is this group called Tim’s Bright Reflections!? Simply put, it’s a way to encourage everyone to replace their old light bulbs with the new CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) which are much more energy efficient. Also, we can track how much money we are saving as well as how much we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. You… Continue reading

Happy to Report…

…that the first floor has been completely Al Gored! I have replaced all of the traditional light bulbs with the new energy efficient ones that look like fluorescent lights all coiled up. Apparently the proper term for these is CFL, or compact fluorescent lamp. I want to do something to reduce my carbon footprint on our planet. Supposedly these new… Continue reading

Update on the Closing of The Silver Grill

I have posted several times on my blog over the years about The Silver Grill restaurant: The End of an Atlanta Tradition In Piedmont Park Lunch with JR: Should It Be Outlawed? The Last Supper Red Menu After breakfast and shopping at Home Depot and grocery shopping at Whole Foods (both on Ponce de Leon Avenue near American Roadhouse, where… Continue reading