Who Decides What Is Knowledge?

I enjoy reading Mark Federman’s work over at What Is the (Next) Message. In this talk he says: How did we as a culture come to decide that certain things are to be considered as knowledge and others are not? How did those that decide such things acquire that very privileged position of knowledge authority? The fact of the matter… Continue reading

What Is This Place?

Elegant condo living? Perhaps a swank office complex? A design studio maybe? Guess again, because you’re going to be shocked! If this source can believed, these are pictures of a prison in Steiermark, Austria, The Leoben Justice Centre. Now I know that those of you who consider me a bleeding heart liberal will be shocked, but I say prison should… Continue reading

Unusual Picture

It’s long…really long. It won’t even fit on your monitor. Here is a shrunk version of it. Clicking on it will take you to the source web page where you can see the entire picture, but you will have to scroll. The photograph appears to be 11 pictures that were stitched together. The original photograph is 6,600 pixels wide and… Continue reading