Katie Paterson's Talking to a Dying Glacier

Talk to a Dying Glacier. What Would You Say?!

Glacier-PhoneWow! I’ve visited a dying glacier. I walked all around on top of it. (Pictures from my glacier walk in Norway in July, 2006, can be found at this link.) I drank from the fresh water in its pools. I leaped over its crevices. I realized it was melting. I saw it melting, giving birth to a raging river. I heard the melting water flow. I felt the cool radiating from the melting water. Being on the glacier was a spiritual experience. But I never framed this experience within the context of death (though I thought I certainly would die if I misstepped and fell from the path on the way to the glacier). But, yes. Death is exactly it. I find this tragic. I just read this article and post it. For some reason I feel confident that this phone number will be very busy.

If you could talk to a glacier, what would you say? British artist Katie Paterson thought that some people may actually want to hear the sounds of a dying glacier, and say something back in return. To facilitate such a conversation, she setup a waterproof mobile phone at the base of Europe‘s largest glacier.

If you’re interested, the glacier can be reached at 07758 225698 until tomorrow, June 13th (international long distance rates apply).

My Source: Neatorama

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