Retro Wallpaper Pattern

Like Retro Wallpaper, Dude!

Do I love the 70’s for nostalgia’s sake, or was it just a very fun time? Perhaps it was the rebellion against the stogie “establishment,” the hope for happiness and “peace, man,” and the simple joy of the Spirograph. Maybe I love it for the simple naiveté of the youth culture I experienced at the time.






Source: Wallpaper from the 70s, retro wallpaper

The retro-smiley face was just thrown in for fun and is not a wallpaper pattern made available through the above site.

5 thoughts on “Like Retro Wallpaper, Dude!”

  1. Easy for you to say – you don’t have to look at it. Plus, the former owners decided it went well with country style brown linoleum tile.

    I just keep the door closed.

  2. Linoleum?? Now that is scary. Didn’t they decide that stuff was radioactive? Or maybe it has a half life of 100,000 years? I forget which…

  3. The linoleum issue gets a little involved…sure it isn’t vinyl? Check out the article in This Old House…,,202857,00.html?order=ASC&expand_all=true&page=2. Real linoleum is actually very green, retro cool, and fabulously durable. Be careful what you tear out… fun fun!

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