Skull Tattoo on Face

I Should Save this for Halloween!

A65 MisfitI have never understood why anyone would ever place a tattoo on his or her body. The idea of it is revolting to me. For me, my revulsion is as much about the permanency of the tattoo as it is the whole concept of “body art.” I am a person of many moods, many perspectives,, many attitudes and would feel stifled by having the same tattoo every day. It would be like wearing the very same outfit everyday–unthinkable. But, to each his/her own I guess.

Tattoos seem to be the rage these days. I came across this picture of a man who has had his face tattooed as you see in the picture. I found it so appalling that I checked out the source of the link. It took me to this blog. (The link does not go directly to the tattoo page because: Warning, one of the tattoos is sexually explicit and probably widely seen more as something one would find in a filthy bathroom than on another human’s body.)

Again, I have to ask myself, “Why?!”