Al Gore: Media Strangles Democracy

The media, particularly television, is strangling democracy by not allowing the average person to get more involved in the political conversation, former Vice President Al Gore told “Good Morning America” anchor Diane Sawyer. As TV news becomes more and more obsessed with shallow topics such as Paris Hilton, politicians talk in sound bites recommended by media manipulators, Gore said, which… Continue reading

President Carter Tells It Like It Is!

I have always had great respect for former President Jimmy Carter.  His values are what I consider to be at the heart of America’s faith-based belief system and general concept of honesty and decency.  When he speaks and writes, I listen.  Today he said President George W. Bush’s administration is “the worst in history” referring to the White House’s policy… Continue reading

My Web Hosting Service Is Green!

I am pleased to learn that the company I use to host my site has a sense of social and environmental conscience! They have calculated their total carbon footprint (no small thing running 1,300+ servers) which amounts to about 2,725 tons of CO² per year. They then did several things to offset that carbon footprint. I encourage you to read… Continue reading

More Tunis to Come

I will post more about the Tunis experience when I can gain access to a more reliable internet connection. Regrettably, the pictures take longer to upload than my connection can seem to remain connected. After multiple attempts, I just was able to upload a small number of pictures from my first day (evening) in Tunis. So, hang on. As soon… Continue reading