Point Lobos

Point Lobos State Reserve Album Debut

I know I haven’t posted for the last several days. I’ve been extremely busy preparing my pictures from California for their world debut at timtyson.us! Regrettably a spot appeared on the image sensor of my Canon 30D. Every single picture I took therefore has this spot on it. So; every single picture I publish (in print or on the web) has to be “touched” with some time-consuming edits in Photoshop.

Add to this the fact that I took over 1,500 pictures at Point Lobos (official site for the reserve) alone! In my brief five day visit to California over the Christmas holiday, I took over 3,000 pictures–a record for even me! Since I took so many photos, I decided to break them up into two albums: San Francisco, and Point Lobos State Reserve. The San Francisco album will appear soon.

With great delight I now present over 150 pictures from Point Lobos State Reserve off California Route 1. This album can always be found in my expansive collection of photos.

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