Blast from the Past

I grow increasingly amazed at how simple things can unexpectedly jolt me back 25 to 35 years in the past. Jeeze! I’m getting old! A friend recently sent some angel hair pasta and chicken parmesan my way in a bowl. The bowl sent me back 30 years. It was the same pattern my mother had when I was but a fledgling Tim. So I thought I’d put a picture of it on the blob to remind mom and the sistoid unit of simpler times. I wonder if mother still has that set of dishes–probably. She never throws anything away. :o)

I also vividly remember the glasses we used with these dishes. I think we stumbled upon them at Moulton’s Drug Store. [Much to my shock: I just Googled Moulton’s and learned they still exist! I don’t think they are in Pensacola any longer.] I remember the glasses well because I loved them. They were odd. Regrettably they broke easily and therefore didn’t seem to live long at the Tyson household. Perhaps I can place a drawing of them on my blob. What made it “cool” was that the beverage occupied the stem of the glass.


(click picture to enlarge)


(Artist rendition of cool vintage glasses)