Why Rather, Not Fox?

I should have thought of this…

With all the self-righteous finger-pointing at Dan Rather and CBS over memogate why are the media ignoring the more pervasive, better-documented and more obvious bias of FOX News?

In a wonderful post from our reader, limbo, on Who Says?, this excellent point was made. It bears repeating here. Many thanks again to limbo.

If the point they’re trying to make is CBS is biased and can no longer be trusted, and we discuss this endlessly everywhere on a daily basis, WHY WAS THERE NEVER A DAILY DISCUSSION FOR DAYS AND WEEKS WHEN THE OUTFOXED MOVIE CAME OUT ABOUT FOX BIAS? Why Dan Rather now, but not Fox then?

The only proof we have regarding Rather supports a conclusion that Rather made a mistake. There is no evidence of bias. Yet we discuss this for hours and hours on media programs EVERYWHERE.

With Outfoxed we have STRONG EVIDENCE of actual bias for Bush(The Moody memos), yet that never became a story to discuss everywhere for hour upon hour. Why?

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3 thoughts on “Why Rather, Not Fox?”

  1. You are absolutely crazy. There has NEVER been a doubt that Rather is a super liberal who hates most republicans especially the Bush family. Didn’t you see when he interviewed Bush, Sr during his re-election campaign…..he was openly rude to the President of the US on national television. Why don’t you just admit that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar? The Fox network is about the only network that tells it like it is without a liberal slant to everything. You dems hate that. You guys sure are good at finger-pointing.

  2. Obviously hit a nerve with Conservative. Because the truth hurts; that being that Fox is so defiantly biased towards the very far right and extreme. Fair and Balanced? Please! Fox is an outrage and should be discussed more in the media for what they aren’t: Fair and Balanced. It’s one thing to espouse a particular viewpoint (conservatism, in Fox’s case), but quite another to say you’re Fair and Balanced and then voice over Kofi Annon’s speech at the U.N. this week. Or what about Fox going on and on and on and on re: CBS and Mr. Rather’s story.

  3. Bert-
    Do you think that the other networks are fair and balanced or do you believe that they slant sharply on the liberal side? Do you believe what Dan Rather did is excusable? I am curious to what attitude you would have if Rather had put something degrading about John Kerry on the news that was found out to be false. Would you think the same way you do now?

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