Thanks for Your Concern

I want to thank everyone for the concern they have expressed. Mother is fine. She decided to stay in Pensacola and weathered out the hurricane in a shelter at her church. She called and left me a message this morning. I didn’t get to talk to her.

She said the shelter where she stayed was badly damaged but no one was hurt. They are without power, water, and gas. There was substantial damage to Pensacola. She had not left the shelter to check on the house. She asked that I contact some relatives to let them know that both she and Aunt Floyce are fine. They were in the shelter together. Her cell phone battery was running dead, and she had no way to recharge it. I tried returning her call to no avail.

The sistoid unit had a lot of bad wind and rain as the hurricane moved through Montgomery. I talked with her earlier, and they are fine. Now a tropical storm, the hurricane is leaving the Atlanta area now. I’ve only had a few minor power fluctuations. However, I know that several of my friends are without power even as I type. It’s very windy and has poured rain! I had my web cam running showing outside during the worst of it.

More info to come…