One More Thing Before Bedtime

Compassionate Conservatism…

Hmmm, now let me see:  was it somewhere between 600,000 and a few million?  Now, these are people who will lose access, because of the new federal law, to overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week.  Perhaps, if it’s just 600,000 people it is “compassionate conservatism?”  If it approaches a million is it just “plain conservatism?”  If it exceeds 3 million is it just “really mean?”  Or is there really a difference between any of them?

I don’t think we are really discussing conspicuous consumption.  I think we are probably talking about feeding the family and paying the basic bills.  A single hungry child is one too many.

We can’t blame this on the workers like we did welfare reform during the Reagan presidency–some of which may well have been justified.  But these people want to work.  They probably need to work.  I mean, for goodness sake, they are working.  Now they will just be working for less–a good bit less.

My government is not doing a very good job or representing my social conscience.

I’m sorry.  I really am.  WApple

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