Interesting Observations

Melanie Matson at Just a Bump in the Beltway presents an interesting point/counterpoint: two articles about campaign appearances by the two candidates:

John Kerry: has hecklers in his audience; Kerry and his wife (introducing her husband) actually trade barbs with the pro-Bush hecklers.

George W. Bush: restricts attendance at his rallies to his own supporters, and herds protesters into “free speech zones” located as far away as he can arrange.

There’s only one conclusion you can make, and you can make it either by comparing these campaign vignettes, or by comparing their military service (or in Bush’s case, his “military service”).

John Kerry has balls. George W. Bush is a craven coward.

Or to borrow a turn of phrase from Ahnuld, George W. Bush is a girlie man.

In fact, because I’m a glutton for punishment who wants to wallow in his own insignificance for a bit, I’m going to propose a new Google-bomb. You can guess where that link to girlie man goes. Let’s see if anyone else picks up on it. I’m betting not….

But I’m used to being a nobody.

A little Google tomfoolery never hurt anyone….  WApple