The Horror of the Ectoplasm Revealed!

My friend awoke in the wee hours of the morning to a strange, unearthly sound. The Bose Radio/CD player on the night stand near the bed was making this peculiarly eerie noise. It would not stop. It would not turn off and had to be unplugged. A large puddle of water was pooled under the player.
In the dim light my friend, in her efforts to turn off the player, which wasn’t on, touched this gooey stuff on the top of the player: the ectoplasm! She had been inadvertently slimed! Two CDs that had been in their cases near the player were out on the night stand and also were covered in the ectoplasm!
My friend writes in the email she sent with the picture of the slimed Bose, “This is the picture of the controls that had the heavy residue… I tried to wipe the ectoplasm off before I realized what it was…ever the neat freak…even at 4:00am. You can see that it only covered 5 buttons…freaky deaky”

(clicking on the picture links to an enlargement:
a close up view of the residual ectoplasm)

No one had had any water near the player. No leak from the ceiling above was present. The player was fried and had to be repaired due to “apparent water damage.”
Other “horrors” occurred in the house during the Summer Savannah Stay! I will get my friend to provide us with more details! Stay tuned as the tales of the haunted Summer Savannah Stay unfold.