Need Some Extra Ca$h?

I just don’t understand why my employer doesn’t agree!  If I were to be sold right now, as is, slightly used…well, ok, well worn (shall we say), I would fetch a tidy sum.  According to Human for Sale, I am “worth exactly: $2,349,970.00.”  Understand that price is “as is,” no implied or expressed warranties.  Void where prohibited by law.

I felt rather good about my tagged value as only one other man who was up for sale today was valued higher than I was!  He was worth about $230,000 more and claimed to have an IQ of 175!  Good grief!  He should have been smart enough not to take the survey!

Furthermore, the average male is valued at $1,814,988.00.  So I can’t complain too much.  I notice that the average value of women is slightly less, coming in at $1,656,797.00.  However, the priciest woman was valued at $2,806,726.00, considerably more than I and the most valued man of the day.

Who thinks up these things?  And who is crazy enough to price themselves!  :o)