I took a personality test back on July 7th, 2004. The test supposedly identified a famous person who would have a similar score. My similar mind, as they call it, was Gandhi. I was merely amused but did not place too much stock in the evaluation.

Yesterday I found a completely different site that measures your political compass, as they call it, determining where you fall from left to right and from authoritarian to libertarian. The questions are tough and hard-hitting! The scores are plotted in quadrants. You can see my results in the right column of my blog.

They too have well known leaders who would be associated with similar scores. Guess who shares very similar scores to me…Gandhi. I am amazed. I may just have to read up on this man. I know so little about his life.

Oh, and, interestingly, George Bush, who scores were very close to Margaret Thatcher’s, is in the exact opposite quadrant from me!