100 Things About Me (v: 1.5)

I have noticed that having a 100 Things About Me list is pretty standard for blogs. So, I went to work on one. This was very hard for me to do actually and has taken 5 (+1 more = 6– since I upgraded to v: 1.1) days to complete. I don’t think about this kind of thing on a conscious… Continue reading


I took a personality test back on July 7th, 2004. The test supposedly identified a famous person who would have a similar score. My similar mind, as they call it, was Gandhi. I was merely amused but did not place too much stock in the evaluation. Yesterday I found a completely different site that measures your political compass, as they… Continue reading

Take a Look

I find this interesting. You know of my fascination with what people think. This site, entitled, What the Nation Thinks has a variety of polls. The results are fascinating because they do not correlate with the mass media. Bottom line: the nation disapproves of Bush and think he lied about weapons of mass destruction. There are 1,921 polls on the… Continue reading

Kindred Spirits

I have the great fortune of working with some profoundly gifted and dedicated people. They are truly good, decent, wonderful souls. I particularly enjoy giving one of them a hard time. Yes, B.P. it’s you! Today she and another incredible teacher came into my office. I was lamenting that my blog had become so very political lately. Well, D.K. had… Continue reading