Another Survey…

I actually think we all need to focus more on how we are alike and agree than how we differ.  But from time to time, it’s engaging to explore controversy.  Such explorations can enhance our critical thinking skills, help us explore meaningfulness, ourselves, and our values.

I am putting the controversial survey results on the Continue reading… link below so those who are not interested in running the risk of being offended can avoid seeing the results all together.  Aren’t I just the sweetest thing?!

Abortion?: I won’t be having one.
Death Penalty?: I have never been, nor do I know anyone personally who has ever been, the victim of a horrible violent crime. But at this point in my life I have to ask: Why?! We can afford to lock them up forever (in solitary confinement if you asked me (and the survey did) and save millions in appeals! Killing the convicted criminal seems to be motivated by a need for revenge and, from what I have heard, doesn’t satisfy that thirst.
Prostitution?: It’s not for me. I would have to get in better shape.  :o)
Alcohol?: I don’t, nor do I enjoy even being around those who are under the influence.
Marijuana?: Nope, it’s even more nasty than smoking cigarettes.
Other drugs?: Totally no way! Can we say, source of a lot of violent crime? Limits people from attaining personal empowerment and enslaves them to only one passion: their drug of dependancy. It’s sad if you ask me.

Now let’s talk about prescription drugs: everyone in this nation should have affordable access to the same appropriate medical care as everyone else in this nation! This is one of my soap boxes! The extremist’s conservative agenda, often driven more by moral declarations and profit taking, lacks a meaningful functioning social conscience! But, that’s just my opinion. :o)

Gay marriage?: I mean, who really cares?! After all, how is it going to change my life? Your life?
Illegal immigrants?: Isn’t that part of globalization?
Smoking?: O yuck!
Drunk driving?: Totally, completely and utterly irresponsible!
Cloning?: Wouldn’t the world be a better place with 2 of me?!
Racism?: We pretend it doesn’t exist. We pretend a lot of mean and ugly things don’t exist. How incredibly sad.
Premarital sex?: Now, as Bill might say if he had it to do over again, what really is the definition of sex? And, how do you define premarital? (married (first? second? third?…), engaged, about to be engaged, seriously dating, dating, going out…) Life is so confusing this way. :o) We just can’t seem to stop our fascination (pre-occupation) with sex in this country.
Religion?: I much prefer spirituality!
The war in Iraq?: O hell no! I’m trying to avoid harping on this again! Next…
Bush?: You know, I wasn’t going to bring up politics on my blog any more until after the election. But now that you ask: He needs to move from Pennsylvania Avenue and go run a few more failed companies in Texas. Seems he was good at that.
Downloading music?: Most any tune can be yours for only 99 cents at!
The legal drinking age?: Why drink at all?
Porn?: My neighbor got fired for accidentally putting it on the air here in Atlanta. Seems he was bored running the station late one night…
Suicide?: Outlawing it certainly put a stop to it, didn’t it.

What is your stand on…..
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