Meet the Neighbors

While cutting the grass yesterday, I met the guy that lives next door to me (to the west). He moved in about 3 months ago, and I’ve not made the time to go meet him or his girlfriend, who I saw for the first time last week. He seemed like a nice guy, but I mention him because, more often than not, he rides his bike to work. I was shocked because he works a good 30 minutes from here by car!

I can’t imagine riding my bike even half way to work (which is roughly the same distance). Just the thought of it makes my body feel like doubling over with cramps. I would have a heart attack before I even got to the end of my street (which is up hill)! Of course, he is a good bit younger than I am and probably doesn’t have a single fat cell on his body. And then there’s the whole issue of getting run over by some cell-phone talking fool driving his Hummer at a high rate of speed. Well, I’m just impressed at the man’s physical endurance and his sheer raw courage.

He works for BMW. That fact will be more significant to you once you have read yesterday’s post.

He is the third neighbor to live next to me on that side of my house. The last young family was quiet and to themselves. The first guy, living their when I first moved here, was very outgoing and friendly. He was from Canada. But, as these are tiny little houses, once the children start getting older, the house is just too small: time to move.

This is also the third set of neighbors to live on the other side of me (to the east). He’s an attorney of some sort, and I don’t know what his girl friend does. They are friendly and outgoing but not nearly as friendly as the girl who lived there, prior to them, with her partner. She was an absolute blast. I miss her craziness. She’s come by to visit a couple times since she’s moved. And the guy who lived their before them was really quiet and unusual. He’s the man who let the homeless guy live in his car under the carport (see previous posting; search: homeless) and got fired from his job when he accidently aired a porn movie he was watching at work. I’ll have to write more about all of that later.

I and the guys on both sides of me cut the grass yesterday. The hood be lookin’ good.