An Experiment…

I have wanted to add polls to my blog to gather information from readers, not that I have millions of them–yet! But I didn’t want to have to go to the trouble of writing the perl cgi scripts to do it. I’m lazy and not very good at programming; so, it would just take too much time.

I recently read in one of the blogs I frequent about ALXNET. They provide free guestbooks, forums, polls, and quizzes for web-masters. Pretty cool, because their service actually really is free. For $15 you can upgrade with a few extra features and eliminate their banner ads from the polls. My doctoral advisor at the U of I, Dr. Charles Leonard, who thrilled in being crass, was fond of saying, Why hell, I spill that much in a week! So, in his memory and honor, I sprung for the extra $15.

Now no scripting or programming, just go through a simple set up process, copy and paste the code they generate, and poof! A poll! Here’s my first, and rather meaningless, one. You must have cookies enabled. If you block pop-up windows in your browser, you will not get the poll results upon voting.

[Updated in 2010]

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