Going As Fast As It Came

I’m just sick over it, literally.

Last Sunday my cousin, Susan, unexpectedly called and wanted to come over from Birmingham to visit.  I was delighted.  I haven’t seen her in a of couple years.  She was going to be in town on business and thought we could visit.

I’m not so sure this was a good idea really.  We always got in trouble when we got together as kids—big trouble.  We were just wild as hell together: like the time I talked everyone in to using the exterior back wall of their freshly painted house as a canvas for our larger-than-life crayon creations.  They were gorgeous.  No, really.  [EG]

We had been quite prolific before our artistry was discovered.

At any rate, when Susan called Sunday I was surprised to learn that I hardly had a voice.  I thought was having an allergy incident with the molds and the pouring rain.  Well, turns out I had just started to get a terrible sore throat/head cold.  I had to call and cancel our Tuesday evening plans.  I was so disappointed!  We had planned to scan old family pictures and update some of the family tree project.

God only knows what trouble Atlanta would have found itself in!  Rats!  I’m still a little stuffed up, but the cold is going as fast as it came.

Susan, let’s get together soon.  I was looking forward to your visit!  [Note to self: tell Susan I have a weblog…or DON’T!  :o) ]

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