DeJa Vu

Those who know me, know that I don’t cook.  In my entire life I can count on one hand the number of meals I have prepared.

I walk into the grocery store and stand there numbed by the overwhelming question, Whatever is all of this stuff for?!  All of the strangely named and packaged items are but the stuff of concoctions, potions, and brews of which I know nothing.

In fact, when I purchased my prior place of residence, I had to disconnect the gas stove to wallpaper behind it.  When I sold the place 7 years later, my real estate agent made me reconnect the stove’s gas line so it would pass inspection.

All this is but the backdrop to my little morning adventure.

As I headed out, not long ago, foraging for protein molecules of the breakfast variety, I just missed the traffic light at the end of my street. As I came to a stop, an old, dark navy blue Lincoln Town Car on the intersecting road started burning a little bit of oil as the driver began to go, when his light turned green.

I didn’t think much about it.  We had been the only two cars at the intersection.  But I sat dutifully waiting for my light to turn green.  After a couple minutes of waiting, another, identical, old, dark navy blue Lincoln Town Car approached the intersection slowing to a stop as the light on his road was in the process of turning red.  I was right back where I started from a few minutes earlier.  Now my light turned green, and I made my left turn onto the road.

Was this a glitch in the Matrix?  What ever does it mean?  [Script to The Matrix as a pdf file]