iPod and iTunes

Apple, as in computer, certainly has made a comeback from their last near death experience about 5 years ago.  And I for one am very glad.

A longtime Apple enthusiast, even I, yes me, almost gave up on them when I purchased my PowerTower 250!  When they came back, they did so with the coolest of cool: the iPod (or the iPod Mini) and the iTunes store.

I spend way to much money there.  It’s what purchasing music should have been for years.

The recording industry deserved Napster, if you ask me.  They were so out of touch with their customers’ demands that it has cost them millions.  Oh, but wait.  This isn’t the Rant category.

If you don’t have an iPod, you should.  And you Windows people out there, go ahead and download iTunes.  You’ll want to use it until you replace that clunker of a computer with a Mac next time you purchase a computer.